INK. is a creative twist on Inc.  

It is business building from a creative perspective.

INK. was created to teach creative entrepreneurs the art of business. 

To teach creatives that building a business can be an incredibly creative and satisfying process.  To show business owners that all of the creative skills they bring to their creative passions can - and, in my opinion, should - be applied to their business.  

To show creatives that their creativity gives them an edge as an entrepreneur.  

Too often, we see our creativity as something we have to stifle in order to be a successful business person.  I want to turn that thinking on its head and teach creative business owners how their creativity can be the fuel for their business's most satisfying success.

INK. is also about making your mark.  

To be mindful of the legacy you are creating in the work you do in the world.  To build successful businesses that make a difference in our communities - which feels more important now than ever.

I created INK to support you to create a successful business because that success has a positive impact on you, your family and your community.  But - even more than that - I want to teach you how to build your successful business without burning yourself out in the process.


Because I want you to have enough time and physical energy to make your mark through your creativity too. 

To take photographs to satisfy your creative urges and creative expression and not just to pay bills.  

To have time to write the novel you have always talked about writing but have always been too exhausted to start.

I want to teach you how to bring more of you to your business - your natural skills, passions and talents - so that you work in your zone of genius.  This type of work fills you up rather than draining you.

While I want you to bring more of you to your business, I also want you to get out of your own way.  This involves breaking the bad habits that have sabotaged your success in the past and learning new habits that will pave the way to your success in the future.

To embrace your creativity but also to harness it when necessary.  To commit to one idea and see it through rather than dreaming up lots of ideas but never actually doing the work it takes to bring them to fruition.

I want you to have the time and energy to live a life that you love.  

Doing work that feels meaningful and important to you.  Creating and maintaining satisfying and fulfilling relationships and friendships.  Supporting causes that you hold dear.  

Living and working in such a way that you create an irresistible obituary.