Are you a creative business owner who is ready to take your business to the next level but you're struggling to make it happen?

It can be tempting to just keep working harder and harder.

Having owned my own creative business for the past 11 years, I know how easy it is to keep working harder and harder while trying to ignore the irony that you started your own business to have more time.

Here's what I know for sure: working harder is not the solution to growing your business.

In fact, working harder - when you're working on the wrong things - can make it even more likely that your business will get stuck at a certain income level.

So if working harder isn't the answer, what is?

The solution that makes a real difference to the success of your business and the quality of your life is creating a strategy to grow your business with more ease and less effort by being more you.

A strategy that is built on who you really are and what your customers truly need.

A strategy that brings all of your strengths to the forefront of your business while also recognizing where and how you get in your own way.

A strategy that gives you the focus and framework you need to plan the daily and weekly actions that will take you closer to your business goal while eliminating all the busyness that makes no difference to your business.

A strategy that allows you to build your business by working more creatively instead of working harder.

I help creative business owners like you to create a strategy that will allow your business to grow to the goals you set for it.

Without burning yourself out in the process.

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Business are built by working backwards. It’s more efficient, more effective, and more precise than trying to take each step as it comes. With your destination in mind, you’re more likely to make good choices about the route you take to get there and, when you inevitably get off track, you’re more likely to make your way back to the road you want to be on.
— Tara Gentile, "Lead Yourself Backwards - The Essential Management Mindset for Small Business Owners"